The 12 Tropes of Romance

I am really looking forward to our Flamingo Filch gift exchange at the holiday party. Last year was my first Filch, and There were so many clever ideas, beautiful presentations, and delicious treats to receive, or to steal from someone else. 🙂 

What I particularly love is the challenge of finding an ornament and a gift that say something not only about the season (or my ongoing love affair with chocolate), but about writing in some clever way. I think I’ve got a good idea for this year, but I’m not giving any hints away!

Don’t forget to bring books for The Spring of Tampa Bay, our designated charity this year. It’s always nice to spread a little reading love!

To get in the gifting mode, as I put the final touches on my present, I revisited a classic song—romance style—and thought I’d share it with you!

On the 12th day of reading, my romance gave to me . . .

12 matchmaking mothers

11 long-lost lovers

10 misunderstandings

9 snowbound strandings

8 fated mates

7 second chances

6 secret babies


4 fake engagements

3 billionaires

2 friends to lovers

And the promise of a happy ending!

I hope that all our TARA members have a wonderful holiday season, filled with family, friends, warmth… and of course, love!

What are you looking forward to the most this holiday?


  • Carol Post

    Great song, Darice! Super fun and creative!

    My cousin is getting married Saturday, so I won’t make it to the party. First TARA party I’ve missed since I joined in 2010. I’m going to miss all you guys.

  • Moore Darice

    Shirley: that’s our family joke. “I bought you the thing I wanted, so if you don’t like it…”

    I look forward to baking next week. Yum!

  • Phyllis Cherry

    Love your Christmas message and look forward to seeing all the clever gifts on Saturday.
    Looking forward to late night Christmas Eve church service.
    Looking forward to seeing my grandson sometime during the holidays.

  • Shirley Goldberg

    This will be my first Christmas party as I just became a TARA member. Looking forward to meeting everyone–last time I attended was in May.

    As for the gift, I chose something I have been wanting to buy for myself. So, uh, if I end up with myne owne present in the end, well, all will be mighty fine indeed.

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