TARA Programs

Annual TARA Contest

The 2017 TARA Contest is closed. Start preparing your 2018 entry now!

The TARA contest accepts manuscripts not yet published in any format from unpublished and published authors. The author does not have to be a member of Romance Writers of America. The categories offered for entries are Series Contemporary, Inspirational, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Single Title, Women’s Fiction, and Paranormal. CLICK HERE for full details.

Trained, experienced, published and PRO authors judge each entry. The TARA Contest is one of few which offer invaluable feedback from not one, but two judges’ comments within the manuscript and from our detailed scoring system. Actively acquiring editors receive the top three finalists in each category.

So, polish the fist pages of your manuscript(s) in preparation for the 2018 TARA Contest!

Push to Pub Program

Other RWA Chapters strive to equal TARA’s Push to Pub program. This fantastic program encourages members to achieve RWA’s PRO qualifications toward becoming a published author. Our program offers weekly chat room sprint nights where members discuss their writing. Here’s what one member who became a Golden Heart finalist says about the program.

“As a TARA Push to Pub member, our once-a-week sprint nights are a great boost to me, not just for the hour of writing, but chatting with others. I find I’m not the only one who has plot holes, fears that my characters aren’t strong or likable enough, sagging middles, writers’ block, etc. Together, we learn helpful ways to alleviate these problems. The collective input, suggestions (as wild as some are!), and tips really help. We have lots of ‘laughing out loud’ moments. The camaraderie of our Push to Pub group is something I hold very dear.”

JOIN TARA now and become involved in the Push to Pub program to further your writing career!

Book Challenge Program

TARA members may enter the Book Challenge for a chance to win money for finishing your book(s) within a year! Members submit up to five (5) finished (they don’t have to polished!) manuscripts of Romantic Fiction in our Book Challenge between January 1st and June 30th of each year.

computerThe Book Challenge collects ten dollars (S10.00) entry fee per book. After payment is received, you must write a minimum of 40,000 NEW words on each manuscript. Anthologies are eligible if the combined words in the series total a minimum of 40,000 words.

The collected entry money is given away in a drawing at TARA’s Holiday Party. First place winner receives 50%! Participants must submit their completed manuscript file(s) at the end of the challenge for verification of word count to be eligible for the drawing.

Book Challenge participants encourage one another with weekly progress reports on TARA’s Book Challenge Yahoo Loop. Become a TARA member and join the fun of friendly competition by entering the TARA Book Challenge.

Write Reward$ Program

TARA Jan, 2015 meeting, 1We reward TARA members who achieve their writing goals with drawings for a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) Barnes and Nobles gift card at our monthly meetings. Some of the ways to earn Write Reward$ tickets for the drawings are; write 25,000 words during the month, finish a book, query an agent or editor, final in a contest, give a TARA workshop, plus many more. Join TARA now, fill out the simple form, and enjoy the excitement of hearing your ticket number called during a meeting.

Forms for the Write Reward$ can be submitted electronically and are located in the TARA Forms & Workshop Files of the Members Dashboard.

Critique, Beta, and Mentor Program

JOIN TARA and receive the benefits of our Critique, Beta, and Mentor Programs!

Does your mom love everything you write? Are your sex scenes so bland even Aunt Tilda yawns while reading them? Do you need some constructive feedback on your manuscript? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’ll want to sign up for TARA’s Critique Program! Our coordinator matches two or more compatible writers, and then it’s up to you and your partner(s) to decide if you want to physically meet for critique sessions, or electronically send documents to one another.

Our Beta program is a chance for you to have a partial or full manuscript beta read, or you can become a beta reader for others.

Do you want to help aspiring writers achieve success? Then sign up to be a TARA Mentor. Our program coordinator will match you with one or more beginner writer(s) to guide along the path toward publication.

Signup forms for the Critique, Beta, and Mentor programs are in the TARA Forms & Workshop Files directory of the Members-Only Dashboard.